Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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The Things They Carried”, a non-traditional war novel that has a lot of meaning behind it. It was able to give me a closer look on what it was like for the protagonist and his experience in Vietnam. In his novel, a third person narrates the thoughts of the platoons leader, Lt. Cross. 1 It is expressed upon the emotional distress he felt while at war. He tried balancing out his love for someone back at home and keeping a steady mind at war for not only him but his soldiers as well. The narrator of the novel listed a few things that Lt. Cross and his soldiers carried with them throughout the war, both tangible and intangible. The narrator talked about the weapons that were carried, as well as the weight that came with it, and how every different setting had a different choice of items. O’Brien explained how each soldier had a different outlook on what to bring along “The Hump” (O’Brien2) which in this case is another terminology they used for “March” (O’Brien2). For example, if their mission was to go along the mountains, they carried things…show more content…
Cross-carried. 1 They also had to carry the burden of not knowing when their last breath is going to be. They had to bear the weight of their country on their backs, but they also had different emotions that they felt inside. The guilt and fear some carried was just as heavy as the materialistic things they commonly brought along. Tim O’Brien’s theme of this novel will most likely be morality and death. Throughout the passage it is expressed characterization. His expression towards each character is very unique, the psychological burdens that each man carried during the war continued to define him. His love for Martha was what defined him. Martha was all he was able to think about, causing him to be distracted and not aware of the surroundings. While, doing so he lost one of his men, creating the guilt and shame inside because of his unawareness at the
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