Spurious Illusions In David Ives's Sure Things

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"[Bell], [Bell], [many bell ring]" that's what David Ives used in the short play "Sure Things". The bells implies that something alternative was needed to be said by 'Betty' or 'Bill' the two characters in their late twenties, which are a man and woman. The point to this play was for the characters to change until each person were satisfied with the other answer. Their changes are almost like Walter Mitty's story in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," except he didn't alternators his words he would instead create spurious illusions from the activities he would do or see throughout his day. Both have similarities and differences that are clearly noticeable and then there are others that you would have to actually catch. The main points in both…show more content…
Initially there was Betty at the table with me alone until Bill asked "Excuse me! Is this chair taken?"(454). At first Betty said that she was waiting for somebody but once the bell, which signals to give an alternative answer, rang a few times it then became Betty and Bill sitting together. Then the bell rings because Faulkner the author to one of the books that Betty was reading, so Bill tried to use the book as a way to start of a conversation with Betty and it worked, but the bell had to ring a few times in order for that to happen. During the conversation there were a considerable amount of bells ringing because they had been constantly change their answers to each other. When somehow it got to the topic of relationship and the bell went crazy since neither like the answers they were given the bell had rung until both of them were satisfied and happy. For example, "Bill: "What's a sort of boyfriend?" Betty: "My husband.[Bell](457) "My lover, here she comes now!" [Bell](458) those were the answers that she was gave to Bill. With Bill's relationship his answers were more like "Betty: "Uh-huh. Girlfriend?" Bill: "Two actually one of them is pregnant and Stephanie--"[Bell] Betty: "Girlfriend? Bill: "No I don't have a girlfriend. Not if you mean the castrating bitch I dumped last night [Bell]. The bell did help…show more content…
The reason for the '[Bell]' or the alternative answer was so Betty and Bill can connect to each other for each other and be on the same footing. In the end both Billy and Betty connected and went to go see a movie. I didn't believe Walter Mitty was as deep as Betty and Bill when they were choosing their alternative words. I do believe that Mitty chose is illusion not always about passing the time but a small way to escape and go off to a place where he can be be anybody and do anything without bothering anyone. Although it has shown that he can be dangerous when he openly dream like, when he was imagining he was driving a plane, when he was driving his car doing 55mpr. Or when he was fantasizing about being asked to assist with the surgery for that millionaire banker, Wellington McMillan, when he really was about to crash into another car and was actually in the wrong lane. But when his just sitting alone he can always say "Does it ever occur to you that I am sometimes thinking."(170) Which is what he usually says to his wife whenever he goes off to

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