Microorganisms Lab Report

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Abstract Identifying microorganisms is essential to Microbiology. Distinguishing certain microorganisms from one another aids scientists and researchers on how they affect the human body. This particular experiment gives the opportunity to identify a microorganism through a series of tests. An unknown Gram negative sample was obtained. Due to the Gram negative trait, certain tests were then used on the unknown to help identify further characteristics of the bacterium. Data was collected and assessed to determine the particular unknown. Introduction Earth came into existence 4.6 billion years ago, but the first form of life did not appear until 3.5 Billion years ago (1). These cells were known as prokaryotes. Prokaryotes…show more content…
To help prevent errors within these tests, aseptic technique is used. Bacteria is transferred to a plate by using an inoculation loop. The inoculation loop is sterilized in the incinerator after each inoculation. In addition, the test tube should also be waved in front of the incinerator before and after inserting the loop. Microorganisms, such as bacteria or viruses, cannot be seen with the naked eye. In order to observe these specimens up close, a light compound microscope is used. There are two ways to to prepare a microorganism under a microscope: a smear or a wet mount. A smear involves the placing the live microorganism on a slide and letting it air dry. Once the slide is dry, wave the back of the slide in front of the incinerator. The heat from the incinerator will cause the microorganism to stick to the slide, which is know as heat fixation. If the microorganism needs to be viewed under the 1000x magnification, oil immersion is used. A wet mount is when the microorganism is suspended into a drop of water on a slide. The microorganism is able to move freely within the

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