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The city of Houston, Texas is famous for many things, which is the fourth-largest city in the United States with 2.1 million residents in the city and nearly 6 million in the metropolitan area. Houston is the home of NASA, capital of global energy industry, the world’s largest Texas Medical Center, and of course, the only major city in America without land use zoning. Lack of zoning area is always a topic for people to argue if it is chaotic and unorthodox, or independent and distinct. Dr. Elazar’s “Individualistic – Traditionalistic” study of political culture, which stands for the unzoning area of Houston, describes about the individualistic and traditionalistic, which brings out the category of Houston. Dr. Elazar’s study is capable of…show more content…
According to a statement in Texas Politics, Texans’ belief in “that government is best which governs least” explains the popularity of unzoning area in Houston city. The most different key that has kept Houston unzone for many years has may related to the cultural explanations, which is there are the provision in the City Charter that prohibits the City Council executing the zoning ordinance. Without this requirement, Houston City Council would establish the zoning area as similar as Dallas Austin, San Antonio, and other American cities have done. The lack of order in zoning area seems to be difficult to grasp by those unfamiliar with the city and had conjured the image of the landscape, where oil land sits next to luxury mansions or auto junks yards next to Holy churches. Even though Houston is highly regulated, the truth is that Houston’s land using management and administration is less strict and affords more freedom than most of the American cities. Because of this freedom, Houston landscape and real estates has much of the innovative development, which has improved Houston a spectacular modern city, with an affordable house pricing among all the major American cities. Indeed, this could be one of the reason why Houston has fared relatively well during the recent recession because of the

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