Things You Should Never Do When You Be In London Essay

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Things You Should Never Do When You’re in London It’s no secret that Londoners spend most of their spare time avoiding tourists and the areas they frequent. Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben will still be there next month, along with all the other attractions we’re used to seeing on postcards. But are we missing out purely because we don’t want to be tourists in our own city? London has a weird relationship with tourists and visitors. Visitors bring their hard earned pounds to our shops, visit our lovely attractions, and fill our theatres. We love our city and want you to like it too. However, Londoners are a steely lot and sometimes it can be easy for a tourist to get on their nerves. So, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of things a tourist should not do when they come to London. So here are the things that tourists do that drive Londoners completely barmy...and without further ado, below is the Jaunted guide of What Not to Do in London: On Saturdays… Quite understandably, most Londoners avoid Oxford Street like the plague, along with Portobello Road and the whole of the West End, however neglecting these areas entirely means you might miss out on a designer bargain at one of Notting Hill’s charity shops, or the chance to visit one of those relics of the past, the…show more content…
In fact, it's in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, because they bought it from London in the 1970s and installed it in their town, and that's still not even the clogged-with-buildings historical version of the Bridge mentioned in the song. Rest assured, there is still a London Bridge over the Thames, but it's nothing special and hard to distinguish from any other bridge. Just don't point at the bridge in the picture above and claim that this one is London Bridge, because it's just not. That's Tower Bridge, and it always has

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