Rainsford: A Fictional Narrative

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“Who are you?! Why are you on this island?” croaked the man in a South American accent like the ones that can be heard in South Carolina as he took a good look at Rainsford examining the materials he gathered “I was on a yacht and it unexpectedly sank along with my fellow friend. I’m Rainsford, Sanger Rainsford, a hunter from Mobile, Alabama. I came down here for a Jaguar expedition.” “Is that right Mr. Rainsford, do you know who I am? A cannibal! Now you have 10 seconds to convince me why I shouldn’t call my friends to come and eat you up. I may begin, 1, 2, 3, 4…” Instantly without thinking twice, Rainsford, as quick as a jaguar, grabbed the nearest sharp stick and stabbed the man in the Adams Apple. The man, who was standing, was now kneeling…show more content…
Rainsford drops his apple and cocks his rifle and looks through the holographic sight mounted on the rails. “Drop your gun, or I shall blast your head off!” bawled Rainsford. Hearing the crack of sticks occurring again, Rainsford without hesitation beginnings to blind fire the area of jungle in front of him with the help of the suppressor. After continuously shooting for 10 seconds he runs out of ammo and drops the magazine. “I think he’s dead,” Rainsford suggest as he moves slowly toward the area, looking for any traces of blood. In the blink of an eye, Rainsford gets tackled by some sort creature as he drops his gun on the grassy surface. Rainsford falls on the weight of the creature, hitting head hard against the surface. However, this wasn’t any jungle creature but rather an adult jaguar! The jaguar was a very appealing creature at sight, having a yellow-brownish coat with black spots sprawling from head to toe and sparkling black eyes. The jaguar pinned down Rainsford, as it began to bite and scratch him in his head and chest, ruining his clothing. Rainsford who began to lose a lot of blood started to retaliate, however it was too late as the creature held him in position like it was nailed on the ground and was about to bite his arm off when he heard a BANG! After the noise, the force that held him down before was no longer existent as he pushed the creature off his body.…show more content…
However they were too afraid of coming to help you because of the cannibals on this island and contacted us. They told me to stay behind, but I knew this was going to be the last time I might see you alive or dead.” “Believe me or not I met one of the cannibals, his name was Mike Laniel of Georgia,” interrupted Rainsford. “He was about to kill me and I stabbed him in his throat” “Good job my friend. Now how I survived is another story that I can tell you later. For now I will call back the team and we can go back to civilization.” Rainsford and Whitney sat on a log nearby the boat which was docked at the sands of the beach as they waited for the men to arrive, both silent as they watched the playful wave’s crash against the shore. To the left of them came the rest of the search and recuse tea, all 8 members dressed in the bright suit holding their guns, 4 them holding a supressed, MP7, and the rest holding a HK416N with 530 mm long barrel, an aim point red dot sight and a vertical

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