Kelly Miller The Risk Of Woman Suffrage Analysis

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In a time where suffering took place to gain suffrage, women were willing to make any sacrifice necessary to achieve equality. In America during the 20th century, tensions were high between numerous societal groups and classes. During that time, justice and equality had been familiar yet misunderstood concepts to many Americans, and a revolution was forthcoming. One unavoidable change was the suffrage for all genders, races, religions, and the free peoples in the United States of America. Pioneers of civil rights and equality fought for the basic right to vote, however, some did not genuinely want this freedom for all. Some African American sponsors of civil rights renounced the notion that women should have this capacity. One such claim that women should be skipped in the stride for suffrage was made in Kelly Miller’s addition to The Crisis in 1915. In “The Risk of Woman Suffrage” Miller elucidates allowing women to vote would be unnatural and “risky.” On the other hand, the majority of civil rights leaders advocated for women. In “Woman Suffrage,” W. E. B. Du Bois took the stance opposite Miller. He contended that women should unquestionably be granted suffrage. Both of these distinguished African American civil…show more content…
Miller concisely clarifies his argument opposing female voting in a series of outdated assertions. He believes that those of the female sex are weaker than their counterparts. He reasons that women simply could not compete with men in the arduous activities of the public and practical world. Miller cites female childbearing and tenderness as cause for being “inferior in public qualities and character.” He claims women are already guarded by man’s suffrage, and men would never intentionally legislate against women. Miller states that the Negro cannot achieve equal treatment and impartiality without suffrage. Consequently, women do not need suffrage, but the Negro

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