There Should Have Time Limits On Justice

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Is it every to late to call criminals to account? Should justice have a time limit? Two questions that have two sides, the side where people do not think there should be a limit and that a criminal should be able to be charged at any given time and the side that I agree with that there should be time limits on justice. I believe there should be a time limit on justice to ensure that a trial is fair, and to protect the rights of an individual. By pushing back a conviction can leave a person in many bad situations, like suspensions from jobs or the ability to find employment, cause stress within the family and be very finically demanding. Justice should have a time limit because it prevents unfair trials, its a right to all individuals in the Charter Rights and Freedoms and finally it can reduce the number of wrongful convictions. There are two main types of…show more content…
Many people will argue that if a person is not convicted especially in more serve crimes that the public is allowing for criminals to recommit crimes and that is a danger to society. Furthermore people have said that if memory is not affected and evidence is still useable then how can there be a limit on justice. This being said they believe that every case should be looked at differently and it should be up to all parties in the case to declare what a reasonable time limit is. Finally in serve cases of murder or sexual assault, victims may say they feel they are in danger with what could possible be the suspect being let off due to time restraints. As we can see there is always two sides to every story and there will always be people who disagree. Many people will argue that there should be a time limit well many will not, but as time progresses society might find it more beneficial to have time limits and have exceptions then to have unlimited

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