Comparing Don Quixote And Sancho Panzo

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Don Quixote is a fun and adventurous tale about a man who goes somewhat crazy and goes on many adventures with a new friend Sancho Panzo. When reading this book it is easy to see the Sancho Panzo happens to be a Foil character to Don Quixote’s. Foil’s are characters that are so opposite that they highlight each others attributes, wether those be bad or good. These two are different in almost everyday from their outer appearance to their personalities, but whats amazing is how well they balance each other out and give the book just the right amount of comedic relief. Both, Quixote and Panzo bring out the others personality and give this piece of work a unique storyline. When you first picture these two characters you can immediately see that they are going to be complete opposites. Don Quixote is a tall and very slender man, who is rather old, while Sancho Panzo is overweight, and extremely short. Even the animals they ride hint at the differences between the two. Quixote rides a horse and Panzo rides a short little donkey. I believe that the horse and the donkey are both representations of the two humans who ride them.…show more content…
Sancho is a somewhat serious man who looks at the facts and wants stability while Don Quixotes sees the world in a more child-like way. Sancho is very loyal to Quixotes, and he ultimately just wants to please him. Panzo is a kind man, but he is also can be a very big coward and sometimes even greedy. Quixotes is always thinking of others and just wants to be a chilvarious, brave knight who saves the day and becomes a hero. One other difference between the two is that Quixotes is actually very educated, while Panzo is not and can barely speak, but Panzo seems to be the voice of reason and is so wise towards the end of the story. Panzo seems to be the perfect side kick for Quixote and while he is faithful, he tries to convince Quixotes to do what is

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