Count Of Monte Cristo Passage Analysis

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The major change in The Count of Monte Cristo occurs when Edmond Dantes claims the massive treasure on the isle of Monte Cristo, turning him into the rich and powerful Count of Monte Cristo. Edmond began the story with hardly any money, but after he escaped prison he obtained a massive fortune for himself making him very rich. This limitless wealth allowed Edmond to take revenge on the men who put him in jail for 14 years, while also performing some good deeds. All of the men that betrayed Edmond in the beginning of the novel that built successful lives for themselves after his imprisonment, were punished for their traitorous acts by Edmond. Question 3 The central conflict in the story is man v.s man.…show more content…
“Because it has instilled a new passion in your heart—that of vengeance.” This conversation occurs between Edmond and the Abbé Faria, after the priest figures out how Edmond was thrown in prison. Edmond realizes for the first time in his young life that evil exists in the world, and that people in this world would betray him like this. Edmond’s kind heartedness dissolves, and a lust for vengeance replaces his kindness. This passage is significant because it signifies the exact moment that Edmond loses his innocent mind, becoming obsessed absolutely with his vengeance. “Until the day when God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words,—‘Wait and hope.’” This quote comes from the very end of Edmond’s letter to Maximilian. This quote represents Edmond’s renunciation of his quest for vengeance. Previously, he placed himself to the same level as God. Edmond had thought that he had become a divine agent meant to punish those who have done wrong. He has come to realize that he does not have a right or the ability to become a agent of providence, as innocent people die because of his actions. The importance of the quote comes to being when one realizes that Edmond is no longer a god-like man in his eyes. He realizes that God is the only one that can decide one’s…show more content…
In the novel, Edmond plots and executes his scheme for revenge after he feels angry that even normal law has limits in punishing individuals. His enemies were allowed to were allowed to go unpunished for the betrayal that they committed against him. During Edmond’s prison sentence, he begins to believe that only God can deliver the justice that his enemies deserve; he believes that he must carry out these punishments himself as an agent of God. He plans to deliver these punishments upon his enemies by taking every away everything that is dear to them, just as his enemies did to

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