Babylonian Medicine Vs Muslim Medicine

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Considering the idea that history is a continuum the comparison and the contrast of events and research in Babylonian medicine and Muslim medicine are analogous. The inclinations related to both health and medicine are equivalent in both cultures, like the writings left behind from that provided us with information about the development of medicine in Babylonian and Muslim cultures. For example, in the Babylonian culture the writings of the Bible, Hamarabi's code, Edwin's Smith Papyrus, and Ebers Papyrus. Additionally, in the Muslim culture the writings of Moses Maimonides like, “The Canon on Medicine and Dentistry” that provided us with a perspective view of medicine. Subsequently, the differences in the methodology of each culture to deal with health and sickness are different, but at the same time it was homologous. Additionally, both cultures were superstitious and thought that the sickness was because they did not appease the gods. In any event, the Muslims worshiped Allah and prayed to the god Allah health and prosperity while the Babylonians worshiped sacred statues of deities that reside in temples. They prayed to them for health and prosperity.…show more content…
Moreover, both cultures revere physicians, but in the Babylonian society the healers were diviners, exorcists, and barbers. They all had different methods for healing, but, as a matter of fact, in the Babylonian society, “The Codex of Hammarabi,” resulted in professional regulation of the health care reform, and, similarly, in the Islamic society, the hospital system begun with the evolution of past Islamic hospital and medical Greek writings (Anderson, 2007, p.143 and

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