Themes In Night By Elie Wiesel

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It would be a challenge to find a story that does not portray at least one theme, which is important as it is these themes which often teach us life through literature. Throughout the novel, Night, many themes were expressed in Elie Wiesel's writing. The themes, violence, and death were described deeply since he has seen many people die around him and was violently abused during his time in the concentration camps. The term violence is defined as using physical force with the intent to hurt or kill. All throughout the novel, we have witnessed harsh acts of violence. It states in the novel that Elie was beaten, “I no longer felt anything except the lashes of the whip. One!...Two!... he was counting. He took his time between lashes¨ (Page…show more content…
It has been stated in Elie Wiesel’s novel that some people dropped dead, their soul gone and no one was able to bury any of them properly. Deaths were common in the concentration camps, they usually were continuously. People would drop dead, get shot at, they would face the gallows, and many were thrown in gas chambers and the crematorium. There was an incident that happen in the gallows that was so inhumane even for the kapos and the head of the camp. It states, ¨In his ´service´ was a young boy, a pipel, as they were called. This one had a delicate and beautiful face-an incredible sight in this camp….They found a trail. It led to the block of the Dutch Oberkapo. And after a search, they found a significant quantity of weapons. The Oberkapo was arrested on the spot. He was transferred to Auschwitz. And never heard from again. But his young pipel remained behind, in solitary confinement. He too was tortured, but he too remained silent. They condemned him to death”(Page 63-64). The poor boy who brought joy and hope to the prisoners was killed. When he was hanged thegellow couldn't really fit him so he was suffering and slowly choking to death. Another experience that Elie had to face was the death of his father. He had pushed him to keep going, gave him his ration of food, and brought a doctor to check on him to see if there was anything that he can do to keep him alive. Then in the novel it states,

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