Quotes About Hope In Night

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Visualize running miles and miles on end in the cold, only getting a ration of soup and a ration of bread once a day, and getting forced to see people dying left and right. The main character in the book Night by Elie Wiesel had to go through these exact circumstances. The book Night shows Ellie loses hope throughout the book because of these circumstances, in the beginning, he has not much to worry about, and then when he does, he stays hopeful for a while, and then in the middle he starts to question his faith and starts to lose hope, and after the liberation at the end of the book he still has no hope all though it's all over. In the beginning, Elie doesn’t have much to worry about. He is at home with his family and his only worry is learning about God and how he will do this. “One evening I told him…show more content…
People in their town say things about Moche the Beadle. “He’s just trying to make us pity him. What an imagination, he has!” and “Poor fellow. He’s gone mad.”(Wiesel,17) Elie and the people around him still had hope even though the horrific things Moche was telling them. They didn’t believe him because there optimism was too strong and they couldn’t believe the monstrosity Moche described. Later in the story, they started to hear more about the war. “The Russians army’s making gigantic strides forward… Hitler won’t be able to do us any harm, even if he wants to.”(Wiesel, 18).They thought this was the
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