How Does Morrison Present The Ghost In Beloved

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Image of Ghost in Beloved Toni Morrison’s Beloved is an example of post modern slave narrative imbued with gothic elements and reminiscent of traditional ghost story. It is unavoidable to discuss the status of the super natural here, since the very title of the book gives the indication to both a character and a ghost. In fact the novel opens up with the line that “124 was spiteful, full of baby’s venom”, showing the baby ghost tyrannizing the house. Though the baby ghost is neither angry nor sad but rebuked for she has been denied life, motherly love, the experience of womanhood and through haunting she seeks certain answers, she demands justice or maybe even revenge. The baby ghost is lonely and mistaken. The haunting…show more content…
With the gothic genre Morrison is trying to say that blacks also have their ghosts and those are created by the whites. The ghost becomes a luminal figure, someone not real yet trying to be real, though Sethe wants selective re-memory but Beloved opens everything. The ghost in the novel is playing with the images of whiteness and darkness. Morrison manipulates the gothic elements, she unfolds a new realm of narration, in which the tale of the supernatural is revealed through disconnected time framework, and among disintegrated facts and images. Beloved is a ghost who’s not ghostly and is dressed up like a white woman. The ghost is always the other but Morrison is being ironical here because the ghost here is part of them and almost becomes Sethe’s alter ego. Beloved is not merely a repetition of ghost story but it functions as an appropriation of this genre in foregrounding cultural haunting. It can also be argued that post colonialism and its literature is bound to be gothic – since they are haunted by the ghosts of those who were hidden and silenced in the colonial and the imperial past. Beloved in the end tries to emerge from all chaotic contentions as a “gothic heroine” to find herself disentangled from the enslavement

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