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In this paper I will be relating and opposing Beowulf to Sir Gawain. Beowulf is commonly praised for his might and prominence, and his pursuit for personal aims; while Sir Gawain is purely visible as a true hero, who we can actually relate to. Beowulf is prince, whereas Sir Gawain is a measly knight. Sir Gawain suppresses himself and says he is frail brained and of the slightest strength among all the knights, and he intensely craves to undertake the Green Knight's challenge to escape risking Arthur's life and put his less valued one at stake. Therefore, they both assist kings and are virtuous to their own expanse. Beowulf feels reasonably made-up because he is excessively fabulous, while Sir Gawain seems more realistic, human, and modest.…show more content…
The Anglo-Saxon era gave dawn to the grand custom of long narrative poems that are vast and proper in construction. They mingle entertainment, history, decency, and inspiration in a heroic escapade. The hero personifies the standards of the civilization and is destitute in the hands of destiny. There is a fusion and possibly conflict of Pagan and Christian values and ideas. Finally, there is a clash of dissimilar topics or main ideas: destiny vs decision, human desire vs God's plan, and good vs evil. “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” can be branded as Medieval Romance, verse or prose narrative that usually embraces adventurous heroes, fanciful love, striking habitats, and mystical occurrences. Many of the best known romances exult the legendary King Arthur and his knights who often risk their lives for the adoration of an honorable woman or to advocate the code of conduct known as chivalry. “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” is regarded as one of the paramount Arthurian romances. Gawain is enthused by love, faith, integrity and adventurousness; the characters are faultless or larger than life; the venue is an outlandish place Gawain reaches after a long journey; and the plot involves supernatural events and hidden or mistaken…show more content…
In both tales, there is a chief valiant character who is gifted with logical, physical, and emotional proficiency. The abilities furnish him for the task of provoking momentous tests to his authority and the beings in his responsibility. While the styles of passages in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and “Beowulf” are intense, the lessons endure as vital today in modern civilization. By comparing and contrasting these two works, we achieve an enhanced appreciation of the significance of these topics as resilient melodies in literature over the years. Beowulf and Sir Gawain are offered by their respective authors as ultimate character forms, whose behavior should be resembled in order to progress humanity. Their trivial imperfections instill some of the most important lessons. These heroes must be insistently observant to possible threats caused by evil forces who wish to do them detriment and generate social

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