Jerry Uelsmann Subject Matter Analysis

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Jerry Uelsmann Subject Matter Jerry Uelsmann’swork is a mixture of several real images, and the use of a darkroom. One may think that there is Photoshop involved achieving work like his but really he only uses the darkroom. He mixes light, chemistry and silver metal to make his photographs.A combination of people and landscapes are used in black and white (negatives)photographs which create what is said to be many psychological pieces Mood or Message of Work Uelsmann’s photos are seen as “surreal, funny or provocative”. He likes for his photos to have hidden meanings through the objects and leave them as unsolvable mysteries.His pieces reflect upon the human memory, dreams and consciousness. Your Personal Response to the work This piece of…show more content…
She likes to take pictures of what the naked eye can’t see alone. Her photographs showcase high risk moments. It appears as if the subject of Greenfield’s photographs is motion but really her theme is about time. Mood or Message of Work Most of Greenfield’s pictures don’t refer to the real world at all; they are just from her imagination and own ideas. From a clock made out of men to someone forever frozen in time, Greenfield had several themes going on in her photographs. With that there are several different messages of love, hate, support, freedom etc. with many different messages there are several different moods. There’s happiness where love is and then there’s sadness when lonely. Your Personal Response to the work I love Greenfield’s photography. They’re all gorgeous while being very minimal. I like this photograph because of the message it gives us. What I get from this is the message of trying to escape from our selves. Too often are our worst enemies are the ones looking straight right at as in the mirror. This photo seems like it can speak to a lot of people. The bending mirror was a smart choice because it looks like its closing in or chasing the woman. Part of her foot is already stepping on it so it’s like she’s in the middle tripping before the mirror can engulf…show more content…
There was depth and clarity in his works, so it looked like you could imagine yourself there. His eye for the right moment to capture a moment made him unique as not many before his time could do such a thing. Mood or Message of Work The moods I see in his photographs are exhilarating, peaceful and mysterious. He did not want to document nature or simply take a snapshot; he wanted viewers to have a psychological experience of Mother Nature and help create emotion and beauty in his photos. As an environmentalist, he used his photographs to protect the environment from being damaged by construction workers. He wanted the world to be balanced and was disappointed when many sites opened up. Your Personal Response to the work I think this picture looks extremely gorgeous. The lighting is unpredictable outside but this photo has shadows casting in the right places. He took the shot at the perfect moment. There is so much texture everywhere especially in the clouds so has made my eyes wandered around it many times just to take everything in. without images like these, you sometimes forget what’s in the

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