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The University of Mississippi better known as Ole Miss last national championship was in 1962 led by Coach John Vaught and this 1962 team is the only team in Ole Miss History to go undefeated. “The Rebels have been 62-73 in the last ten years” (Ole Miss) so winning for them has been a problem for them besides the last two years where they gathered over eight wins both years. Now today I will share the talent, coaches and the tradition that Ole Miss has and why it will lead them to a National Championship this year. Ole Miss has so much talent on both sides of the ball. They have a junior starting quarterback who they trust , Chad Kelly projected as the second best quarterback on the draft board and I understand why because he has an cannon…show more content…
He has a great receiver core to throw the ball to and one stand out receiver, his name is Laquon Treadwell he's six foot three inches and he's the number one receiver in college football. He had a great season last year before having a season ending injury. He has great hands and his ability to attack the ball in the air separate him from other college receivers. Former starting running back Jaylen Walton is back for his senior year, he's expected to have a breakout year. He’s very quick and hard to tackle in open field. Ole Miss Defense has improved greatly this year. Former number one Espn Top 300 Robert Nkemdiche runs the defense this year and is projected to be drafted in the top ten in this year draft. Robert is so…show more content…
He is very good at recruiting, even if the rebels don’t have a good year, he gets them a top 10 recruiting class every year which is impressive. Coach Freeze runs a spread offense which allows them to stretch defenses and allows there big time players to make plays because big time players make big time plays. He runs a 4-2-5 which is mainly to stop the pass, I believe he does this because Ole Miss maybe has the best front four in the country. Hugh has not coached a losing season since being at Ole Miss, he is very demanding as a coach because he wants to see you reach your full potential. “Hugh Freeze is a Mississippi native so there was no surprise he got the head coach job “(Ole Miss). Since freeze arrived at Ole Miss they have been in three bowl appearances and he has won two of three of them. “He is the first coach in Ole Miss History to have three straight bowl appearances and won more games in each season " (Ole Miss). He has 24 wins and 15 lost games at Ole Miss which is honorable because he's bringing back winning to the University of Mississippi. Ole Miss only problem right now is that they have to finish out games, they play in the hardest conference in college football so no games can be taken

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