Antigone Character Analysis

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The major conflict between Antigone and Ismene is their different perspectives on burying their brother, Polyneices. Their clash of personalities is first introduced in the prologue. Antigone has a very strong personality which is rare for a woman to possess in a male dominated time. Ismene, however is a typical common woman who obeys the laws. Antigone believes Polyneices, her brother, deserves to be bury and mourn for (Prologue. 31). In spite of that, Ismene disagrees with her and value laws before individuals. She considers the harm and consequences she will have to face if she goes and “fight” with men more than the proper burial of her brother (Prologue. 47). Contrary to Ismene, Antigone considers personal rights before laws. Their views say a lot about them as a person, Antigone is strong willed while…show more content…
At this point in the play, I agree with Antigone more. I value a person way of being born and dying to be important. Family to me are people who will support and stand by my side while no one else does. While everyone thinks lowly of me, my family will think highly of me. I myself have experienced and seen similar situations to Antigone and Ismene. For example, in the ABC Family television drama series, Pretty Little Liars, it involves five best friends who decide to have a sleepover at a barn. During the night one of the five girls are murdered and the others find out the next morning, because of their sudden loss and shockingness the girls start to grow apart. On the day of the funeral, they receive a text message saying “I am still here. –A”, immediately two girls want to inform the police about the text. However, the other two suppose it is better not to tell anyone until they

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