Gender Roles In Peeta, Her Movie Girlfriend

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In the article What Really Makes Katniss Stand Out? Peeta, Her Movie Girlfriend is about the different gender roles established in the movie. In the movie Katniss is not a traditional movie star girl. Katniss displays masculine qualities in the movie. She carries a bow and knows how to hunt. She fights and kills when she has too and that is what makes her a survivor. She would rather let her actions speak instead of words, just like a man does. Katniss keeps herself guarded and emotional unavailable to men. Then you have Peeta who does not display a normal movie star guy. Peeta’s family runs a bakery and he can bake pies, which a lot of guys can not do. Peeta is physically tough, but not as tough as Katniss. He is always in some sort of…show more content…
He knows she is a mystery and some parts of her life he will never be able to reach. Katniss on the other hand keeps Peeta at a far. She keeps Peeta on a need-to-know basis. She tells Peeta information when she wants to. From all this we get that Peeta is a movie star girlfriend. Since Peeta is a movie star girlfriend that puts Katniss in a position where she has to choose if she wants Peeta who is more feminine or Gale who is more masculine. Gale works in the mines and he does more manly work than bake in a bakery. Gale knows and likes to hunt, which is one thing that brought Katniss and Gale so close together. Gale will just grab and kiss her and Peeta does not. Gale is taller and just overall more masculine than Peeta. In the movie the gender roles are different than we know in real life. We don’t expect to see a girl who displays manly roles and a man who shows feminine roles. As we see the book and the movie display gender roles very differently than what we are use to. They switched the gender roles around to Peeta and Katniss. During The Hunger Games Katniss was the one who went looking for food because she could hunt. She was the one who saved Peeta’s life from the genetically engineered wolves. She is the one that has to tend to his wounds. In the movie and book Peeta’s family owns a bakery and he bakes. He gives a starving Katniss bread from his place because he feels bad for her, which shows

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