The Turn Of The Screw Literary Analysis

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Turn of the Screw In The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, tells a story of two young pupils, Flora and Miles. Miles is ten years old and Flora is seven years old. The children encounter two ghosts, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, who worked there at Bly before their deaths. The governess wants what is best for the children and make sure they don’t get into any trouble. They have hidden truths from her and now she is doing anything in her power to keep them out of harm. She constantly supervises them and watches the ghosts every move. Is the governess sane or insane? The governess saw Miles and Flora as angelic children and never thought anything would go wrong. From the first meeting with the ghosts the children were intrigued, but the governess new something was wrong. The governess pushes a little to get the truth out, by saying “Is there nothing-nothing at all that you want to tell me” (James 63). Miles told her not to worry, but she is worrying more than ever. She keeps them under constant supervision to keep them safe from the ghosts. The governess cannot control every aspect of their lives.…show more content…
Grose told the stories of Miss Jessel and Peter Quint, the governess started to see their ghosts. She first saw Quint on top of one of the house’s tower and he looked at her over the field as if it were a “picture frame.” She was bewildered at what she saw, even more so when she saw Miss Jessel. In the church in the same week, the governess saw a woman dressed in black through the window. The governess runs out of the church, but Miss Jessel is nowhere in sight. Mrs. Grose looks over and the governess thinks “I gave her something of the shock that I had received” (James 20). The actions that the governess took gave Mrs. Grose a little scare, but she just wants to keep the ghosts away from everyone especially Flora and Miles. She kept close watch to Quint and Jessel, even though she had few encounters with

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