The Theme Of Survival In The Call Of The Wild

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A major theme in Jack London’s classic, The Call of the Wild, is that adaptability is essential for survival, because Buck must survive many things. In the beginning of the book, Buck must adapt to his new master, such as the man in the red sweater, Perrault, and Francois. First, Buck must live with the Man in the red sweater. For example, Buck is beaten with a club. Since he is hit with the club, Buck adapts to this new life of being a servant and not a king, and he learns obedience. Second, Buck must live with Perrault. For instance, Perrault gives him less food than normal. Since he has less food, he gets skinnier and runs faster. Finally, Buck must live with Francois. For example, Francois makes him sleep outside. Since Buck sleeps outside, he adapts to the harsh cold weather and can pull the sled in the snow easier. In conclusion, Buck must learn to adapt in the beginning of the book.…show more content…
First, Buck must adapt to his peers. For example, he must defend himself from Spitz. Since he learns to defend himself from Spitz, he adapts to defending himself, and later defeats Spitz. Second, he must adapt to the cold weather. For instance, he must learn to protect his feet. Since he learns to protect his feet, he adapts to harsh weather, and doesn’t get frostbite. Last he must adapt to the life of a sled dog. For example, he must get used to all the running. Since he gets used to all the running he adapts to his new life, and sets a record for getting to Dawson. In conclusion. Buck must adapt in the middle of the

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