Civil Disobedience Rhetorical Analysis

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Government has always been and will remain a major source of conflict between different groups of people. Some think the government is doing too little, and others would contest that the government is over-stepping its bounds. Henry David Thoreau’s statement “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one more step to obtaining it” from his essay “Civil Disobedience” is wise advice to making a difference in one’s community and country. Thoreau’s quote was encouraging during the Transcendentalist Movement because it encouraged people to have an opinion. There are always people who do not care about developing situations around them. Thoreau took advantage of a unique opportunity to reach an audience in a time where people were turning both towards and away from developing technology. It was important that those apathetic people hear Thoreau urging them to take a stand. Not every civilization has the privilege where each individual has limitless possibilities to positively influence the world around them, and this quote encourages us to take advantage of that privilege.…show more content…
Opinions must be voiced, and beliefs need to be fought for. Many would argue that today is a pivotal point in our country’s future. Every day is a pivotal point in our history. The changes made today affect tomorrow and every day after that.{seems wordy. You may find a better synonym} Tyranny arrives when one generation is unwilling to support and defend the values and beliefs that keep government in check. Advocating for one’s beliefs may not guarantee immediate achievement of what is desired, but it ensures one step closer to obtaining

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