The Symbolic Interaction In The United States

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Ever been in society where people changed the way they perceived something because of one opinion or one word? I chose to do a paper about the Symbolic Interaction. The symbolic interaction is paradigm that sees interaction and meaning as central to society and assumes that meanings are not inherent but are created through interaction. Symbolic interaction was created from the teachings of George Herbert Meal (1863-1931). In the 1920s, a group of interactionalists came together to create the theory Symbolic Interaction at the university of Chicago. In the early 1900s, James Dewey and William James came up with the theory called pragmatism, which states that organisms make adaptions to their environment like humans, however humans use cognition,…show more content…
This caused a lot of destruction in Baltimore, many places were shut down. Freddie Gray died on April 19th; he died from a spinal cord injury. He died a slowly death, he was unable to breathe or talk. He was arrested by the police and beaten behind cameras. They did not state a reason for what he was arrested for. They just saw a “black” kid in a community with a high crime rate and suspected him to be suspicious; although, we really do not know what truly happened that except for what the video shows. But, this event caused an uproar in society, especially in Baltimore. Many people gathered to protest against the police and to show how ‘black lives matter’. Some people did not know what they were going out into the streets and screaming for. They saw society doing something, so they just wanted to join and cause more violence. When most people think of the police, they think about safety or help and positive things. But, with the Freddie gray situation, many people think of the police as dangerous people. Society is teaching us to not trust the police anymore, especially if you are an African American. People that were supposed to help the world become better, are the ones causing the

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