Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth

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The book The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck is a good example of how life goes up and down. In our lifetime, we hit bumps along our journey to the end of the road. Wang Lund, the main character has to survive in the world as a poor farmer in china. Wang Lund is married to O-Lan a kitchen slave from the House of Hwang. O-Lan helps Wang through all of Wang Lung’s life. Wang Lung goes through the ups and downs in life, just like all of us all around the world. In the Beginning of the book, it's starts off with Wang Lung’s marriage day. Wang Lung is married to O-Lan . In the first year of their marriage, they have their first son and he brings a good year of crops. The next year O-Lan has another boy which again brings the family a good year of harvest. In this part of the book Wang Lung and his family are happy with their life like most of us in the world. Most of the people in the world today are happy with their life, wherever you may be in the world.…show more content…
A famine goes through the whole northern part of China because of the lack of water. Wang Lung and his family try to wait out the famine but are forced to move south to try to survie.In the south Wang Lung tries to survive. In the south Wang Lung and his family face many challenges such as finding food or trying to work to find money. Wang Lung and his family become desperate for food, and Wang Lung’s second son steals meat from a butcher. Soon after Wang Lung’s second son stole meat Wang Lung changes from a hard working person to looting the rich’s houses.In this part of the book Wang Lung and his faimily hit a bump in the road likes in our lives. In our lives we suffer from financial issues or even forced to move to a different

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