Symbolic Theory In The House I Live In

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As symbolic theory plays a major part on today’s society as it did in this film, “The House I live in.” The director explains global fight on drugs, drug abuse, and its addiction by using many symbolic concepts. The focus of this movie is how the United States and the world fight drug trafficking, distribution, consumption, and the incarceration process for these drug offenders. These viewpoints relate to the symbolic theory and the literature on the characteristics of drug dealers, drug consumers, and the victims of these crimes. The implications of this theoretical perception of this radical behavior always take into consideration, but society still takes risks that will always outweigh the negatives from the positives. In addition, this movie provides a structure for thoughtful observations on topics of deviance in which a symbolic perspective of sociology views society as a product of everyday social interactions of people. In this film, symbolic theory was applied as to how people utilized symbols, for example: “being Christmas when the Drug Dealers (Santa Claus) came around to the projects and the Ghettos.” A second example, when the law enforcement and the judicial systems applied certain attributes or characteristics to the African American community to profile them, so they can be easily identified. As I looked at deviance,…show more content…
This interaction matters in two important aspects. First, problematic behaviors, such as the crime of drug usage, are often learned from the interaction with people who engage in those behaviors. As a society, the approach is to justify committing these behaviors, and to learn special techniques that might be needed to commit these behaviors. Secondly, society also learns from perceptions of a social problem, and from the interactions with other people, whose perceptions and beliefs can or may influence our own perceptions and
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