The Storm Literary Analysis

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In magnificent writings thru out history, conflict is what can make a story extra interesting. From cartoons to short stories, novels and even fairy tales, they all contain a struggle. Conflict is not always between multiple characters in a story line, conflict can be internal chaos within characters of the story. The short story by Kate Chopin, The Storm, is based on internal conflict and is in all of its main characters. Chopin uses conflict in “The Storm” to express a theme of inner conflict with the passion that Calixta has in her and the unwillingness to share with her husband, only with a past lover. Chopin uses weather as conflict to express the theme of passion welling up and raging inside Calixta. The story takes place in rural Louisiana outside the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities, setting the beginning stage for the bubbling rage of passion. “Calixta, at home, felt no uneasiness for their safety” (200). She is going about the daily tasks at home while her husband and son go into town to get supplies. She has no idea what is…show more content…
Her husband and son are at the local market in town when they realize the dangerous storm forming in the horizon. They see the storm and wait it out in the shop. “…sat stolidly holding the can of shrimp…” (200). As if a sense of calm settled over him, he could spend more time way from his unhappy life. The overbearing wife is always critical of her family. Before heading home Bobinot and Bibi stopped to clean up after traveling thru the aftermath of the storm to avoid the anticipated scolding from Calixta. “Then, prepared for the worst---the meeting with an over scrupulous housewife…” (203). The most poignant part to the storm is where Calixta said, “It’s been a good two years sense it rain’ like that” (201). She is saying this just before her adulteress actions, as if the rain is her passion spilling

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