The Storm By Kate Chopin Literary Analysis

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“The Storm” is a short story written by Kate Chopin in 1898. Taking place in the early 1900s, this beautifully constructed story centers on the theme of adultery. An unexpected storm of events unravels itself, as the two main characters, Calixta and her former lover, Alcee are taking shelter during a rain storm. All while her husband, Bobinot and son Bibi was taking refuge at a local store from the passing storm, Calixta and Alcee ends up making love before Calixta’s husband returns. Throughout the story, imagery and setting plays a big role in character development and the mood. This short story slowly begins with the nature foreshadowing the later events. “…certain somber clouds that were rolling with sinister intention from the west, accompanied…show more content…
Although she didn’t know a storm was coming, she felt it unconsciously as she was sweating which is another hint to upcoming turn of events. She becomes still as she sees Alcee after a long time, this is not a normal reaction unless there was a hint of desire that still ran in her. And suddenly “…big rain drops begin to fall” (Chopin 172). There wasn’t even a slight worry when she said him to come in after he asked to. It seems the storm is creating the prefect barrier between Calixta and…show more content…
It seems the storm grew as his intentions and desires grew to enter the house. After he enters the house, Alcee begins to study her appearance in an enchanted manner. “…but she had lost nothing of her vivacity. Her blue eyes still retained their melting quality… her yellow hair, disheveled by the wind and rain, kinked more stubbornly…” (Chopin 173). Raindrops become “moisture” and the previously mentioned warmth is now “stifling hot”, the atmosphere is slowly creating tension for the reader (Chopin 173). She does fight her secretly blooming desires, but the atmosphere keep pushing them towards each other. Alcee now notices her red lips, her white neck and her full firm bosom (Chopin 174). Now he notices her features more intimately as his intentions progress. He woos her with flashback of their time in Assumption which brought back memories, exactly what Alcee wanted to break her walls. Even if she was conflicted torn between two men, she easily gives in to Alcee’s hypnotizing words. She is a “passionate creature” (Chopin 174) and he is an animal like the storm, this shows both have a wild side that keep wrapped under their

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