How Does The Lamb To The Slaughter Affect Our Life

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Imagine getting some unexpected news that you knew would change your life. You could deal with the news and go on with your life or do something drastic, that if caught, could immensely affect your life. The setting of the Lamb to the Slaughter takes place in the home of the Maloney’s. When Mary Maloney’s husband comes home and tells her he wants a divorce, she refuses to believe him. Once she realizes he is not lying, she goes down to the basement and grabs a lamb leg. She goes back upstairs and whacks him in the back of the head and kills him. Later when the cops show up, she feeds the lamb leg to them and laughs in the other room. Readers assume she is crazy because she killed the love of her life when he told her he was going to leave her, but she knew what she was doing when she killed him. She was in her right mind and had it all planned out which proves she wasn’t crazy at all.…show more content…
Mary believed that divorce was not an option for their relationship. There were many times when the reader was shown that Mary loved her husband. For instance, when the author tells the readers that “She merely wanted to satisfy herself that each minute that went by made it nearer the time when he would come home.” This quote shows that each minute that passed made her happier because it meant that it was getting closer to the time her husband would arrive at home. She loved him and just wanted him home so they could spend time together. The readers are shown again that Mary loves him when the author says “She loved the warmth that came out of him when they were alone together.” This shows to the readers that she truly loved her husband. She loved spending time with him and his presence alone was enough to satisfy and make her happy. The readers at this point have no doubt about her love for

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