The Simpsons Satire

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Debuting in 1989, The Simpsons has aired nearly 500 episodes since it began. It has just recently begun airing the 22nd season and has generated a feature length film entitled, “The Simpsons Movie”, which hit theatres worldwide in summer 2007 and grossed over $500 million. The popularity of the program had grown so much around the world that the show is now a billion dollar merchandising and media franchise. According to statistics and figures, around 500 companies around the world are officially licensed to put “Simpsons” faces on everything from action figures to cereal boxes and 96 per cent of those companies renew their contracts. In addition to the main television series the characters from the show have appeared in an abundance of media including books, comic books, a magazine, video games and musical releases. Merchandise that includes t-shirts, board games, toys and DVDs have also been released. The show has since gone on to win dozens of awards since it began as a series including Emmy awards, Annie award and a Peabody award, with the family being awarded a star on…show more content…
In modern comedy series often controversial and explosive topics are being discussed. The American animated series The Simpsons is no exception. The sarcasm and irony of the series is obviously. It deals in a humorous way with actually serious topics like violence or gun possession. The Simpsons are the most successful animated series of all times, considering the number of produced episodes. Their success goes so far, that already dozens of Hollywood and music stars wanted to be a part in the life of the yellow and four-fingered family. Politicians like Bill Clinton and Al Gore, music stars like teen sensation Britney Spears or oldies like the Beatles, Hollywood stars like Mel Gibson or Kim Basinger and economical magnates like Bill Gates have already starred in the

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