Willow Tree Monologue

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lose your eyes. Imagine yourself standing in a meadow the sunlight gently caressing your faceas the breeze ruffles your hair. You sit in the grass, looking down you see a yellow flower its petalsopened up in full bloom as it points its façade towards the light. You hear a buzzing come around and abumblebee pops into the side of your vision. You look down as the bee lazily lands on the flower goingabout his business. As you guise to the other side meadow you spot a willow tree, its low hangingbranches swaying in the breeze and there, in the shade, you see a small pond housing all different typesof animals. But you know you can’t stay here long, the one roomed long cabin behind you with smokelanguidly coming out of the chimney.Can you see the…show more content…
You hear a buzzing that only reminds you of your phoneringing on a nearby wooden table. The willow tree stands silently across the field, its branches hanginglike they have the weight of the world suspended on each branch. Below this tree is a small pond that isthe color of the bluest skies and the small frogs lay upon the rocks like comfy beds. Behind you sits acabin, its shade of brown reminding you of the color of your dog’s eyes when he comes and greets youafter a long day.It makes the text more relatable with something put next to the thing you’re talking about in thewriting, for example, the apple was as green as the leaves on the tree. “Metaphors are key to buildingcomprehension because they are “the basis for everyday cognition”—in other words, we come tounderstand things by comparing them to others (Boyd 736).” If we compare surroundings or facts inwriting to something more relatable the reader is more apt to understand versus using nothing at alland boring the readers completely. If we didn’t have this type of writing where the love of reading,writing, and learning come from? Most of us humans don’t get much joy out of reading something theyare completely unfascinated with. Lastly, what bundles the package up is something called tone.The meadow is a peaceful place for you, it makes you feel like you can let go of all the worrieslife brings. Scanning the area you notice a deer going about its business with its fawn close next to itsside. A sense of endearment washes over you adding to the already joyful laid-back atmosphere. After afew moments you spot another animal which brings the breath in your throat to a halt. It’s a wolf. Thesensation of anger upsurges as you realize that the fawn stands no chance against the large wolf.The meadow has now a gloomy feel to it because I have added tone. “Good writers shouldconcern themselves with tone problems…. Writers can test whether their messages will cause theirreaders

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