Oryx And Crake Time Analysis

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Margaret Atwood uses time in "Oryx and Crake," to help the reader understand and envision the setting. The past is enlightening the reader of why Snowman is the way he is and also gives incite on Oryx and Crakes life. The flashbacks are giving details and its part of the novels framework. The past is the explanation of the characters personality. Margaret Atwood has the setting of the book flipping back and forth between two different worlds. One of the worlds takes place in the past where Jimmy exists, and the other world takes place in the present where Snowman exists. Although this novel is focusing on the past(Jimmy) and the present(Snowman) the main focus is on the past. The past seems to be so far from the present, but once those two…show more content…
Crake is the cause for the destruction and the decimation of the human race, but Crake purposely left Snowman to be the only man alive. Snowman was left with the task of taking care of the Crakers and not letting Crake down. Crake knew Jimmy's love for Oryx was too strong, causing him never to give up on what she asked of him. Which was to take care of the Crakers. Crake used and manipulated Jimmy's love for Oryx to have Jimmy achieve his goal. That's why he chose him to be the last man standing, because he knew Snowman would listen and do what he was told. Snowman's love for Oryx did cause him to stay and watch over the Crakers, but his past also played a part. Jimmy loved his mother, but she left him behind because she could not tolerate Jimmy's father. This experience from Snowman's past caused him not to want to abandon the Crakers as he was abandoned by his mother. Crake chose Jimmy to be the last one standing because he knew Snowman would achieve what was asked of him, but why did Margaret Atwood choose Snowman to be the last one…show more content…
On the first page of the novel Atwood puts this quote by Jonathan Swift, "I could perhaps like others have astonished you with strange improbable tales; but I rather chose to relate plain matter of fact in the simplest manner and style; because my principal design was to inform you, and not amuse you." (Atwood 1). This quote is showing that Margaret Atwood has written this novel to inform us. But inform us about what? Margaret Atwood includes many events in this book which seem to be too extreme and graphic, but these events are realities not just in Jimmy's world but in our world as well. For instance, executions can be found online and seen in person in certain places, sex trafficking , and child pornography are all very alive today. Reading about these events makes the reader uncomfortable and causes the reader not want to think about it. Margaret Atwood wants us to think about, she wants to inform us about what's happening and in our present to prevent it from happening in the

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