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Likewise the authorities are able to come into people’s house because of someone claiming they have books. Just because of this hearsay they are allowed to enter their houses and destroy all of their belongings well looking for books to burn. Not only are they able to destroy their possessions they are also able to kill them. This is given by the example that when a women refuses to leave her home, Beatty decides instead of trying to make her leave that they will just burn he alive with her books. Other than Montag who has already been enlightened by Clarisse, no one even seems to bat an eye at the fact that the firefighters are literally allowed to murder a nonviolent person. (Bradbury, 2013) The fact that no one questions how powerful the firefighters have become shows how truly ignorant they have become to the authorities around them.…show more content…
The characters are encouraged in the society of Fahrenheit 451 to not use their intellect. This causes an alienation that can happen within our own minds when well trying to advance in freedom and in technology. The authorities say that Montag’s job is to advance their world by burn books claiming that it will help destroy any differences that people might. Thus leaving them in a peaceful society where opinions don’t collide. Instead of advancing their world to be free Montag ends up preventing anyone from thinking about anything other than the walled televisions in their home. This showing how the people were shutting out any form of intelligence that they might have by being brainwashed from whatever would come on the televisions, showing that technology is destroying their brains without any awareness of it. (Bloom, 2009) Montag’s refusal to acknowledge the danger that he was putting them all through by destroying the only source of knowledge that they had left in that

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