The Rocking Horse Winner

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Ironically, a gift from God could promote wealth and greed for one’s family. In the short story “The Rocking Horse Winner”, written by D.H. Lawrence, Paul’s gift is undeniably the worst curse that his family has ever experienced. Supposedly, his gift that he believed to be from God allowed him to accurately bid winners of horse races. Paul used this ability to strengthen his loss of love from his mother by bringing home the spoils of the racing bids. Yet, he learned very well that money cannot ever solve a problem that initially started with money. Although Paul’s curse enhanced the materialistic behavior of his mother, it allowed Paul’s mother to learn the true value of love, but sacrificed the whole of the family. In view of the mother’s…show more content…
Nevertheless, he too had fallen to the materialistic behavior that seemed to have spread throughout the entire family. Oscar became hooked on this gambling routine with Paul and Bassett, the gardener, after the first win that he participated in. Due to the selfish acts, Oscar did not show pity on Paul’s actions as a young gambler and only focused on gaining higher profits. Fortunately, when Paul said: And then the house whispers, like people laughing at you behind your back. It's awful, that is! I thought if I was lucky. Just before Paul finished his last sentence, Oscar immediately interrupted him and replied, “You might stop it.” Afterwards, Oscar stared into his eyes with complete silence showing sympathy for Paul’s situation. It may not seem that Oscar grew aware of the event, but Oscar had knowledge of Paul’s mother’s behavior, and possibly even began to compare himself with his mother’s doings. Before Paul’s gambling routine began, he wanted to go in search for the source and cure of the consistent whisperings that went about the house. Due to his mother’s monetary issues, there always seemed to be maddening whispers that struck Paul, and the whispers literally directed the attention for ‘more money’. It didn’t come clear that the whisperings may have just been an hallucination in Paul’s part, but regarding to his mother’s materialistic behavior and issues with debt spoke wonders for

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