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1. One of the components that dignified Homo sapiens from their earlier ancestors, were the unique anatomy features such as small teeth, defined chin and jaw line. They also had high foreheads and bipedal stance with canter. Also, Homo sapiens have a larger brain size, which in part helped with the evolution of verbal communication. Another important characteristics that Homo sapiens have were that they were extremely intelligent and developed very practical tools. They created long spears, bow and arrow, and fish hooks. Homo habilis had retained ape-like features such as long arms and prognathism. Homo sapiens were the first human species to create art mostly in caves of Southern France and Northern Spain. Homo habilis were known as the ‘handy man’ they made thousands of stone tools which were used to remove carcass from meat. They were also known for being scavengers not hunters. Finally, Homo erectus was known as ‘upright man’ because he was more than likely the first creature to stand fully upright. He was also known for being the first to use fire. I concluded that all physical technological and artistic development were in common because they were all created by the human species. Even though the physical…show more content…
Ancient Egyptians believed that after death, they could be reawakened in the next world if they had led a good life. They hoped the aid of many gods, and the preservation of mummification would help them reach the afterlife. Journey to the afterlife was not a routine. Mummification was the first step. Important organs were removed and dried in salts and placed in canopic jars. The lids represented the gods who protected the contents of the jars. Firstly, the body was dried with salts, perfumed with herbs, then wrapped in linen and decorated with jewelry. Seondly, once mummified, every dead person was called Osiris, the name of the king of the underworld. If the person was wealthy, they were put in a coffin that would provide further

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