William F. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

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I’d like to thank you for the generous support of the William F. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship, which I have been awarded for my third year at Georgia Tech. Your continued support and funding of my undergraduate education in engineering shows a strong commitment to the development and future opportunities for young technical minds. Without your scholarship’s support, the cost of education would be far more expensive and virtually unattainable for me. I’m also grateful for the long term support of this scholarship. This is the third year I have been awarded the William F. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship. Continued support of my education shows the commitment you have made to fully support students throughout their undergraduate years. You’ve built a valuable relationship with students through this process. Thanks again for the wonderful contributions you have made. This letter will be a bit shorter than…show more content…
I’m participating in more events and going to club meeting and introductory events. One experience I especially enjoy is the Yellow Jacket Fencing Club here at Tech. I’ve always wanted to try the sport of fencing. It is a combination of physical aggression and mental quickness, sometimes compared to chess. Fencing is however an expensive activity to get started in, with all the jackets, masks, weapons, scoring and other safety equipment required to practice and compete. My high school had no resources to foster a sport like this. Here at Georgia Tech, however, we have a large and active group of about fifty fencers, ranging from absolute beginners such as myself to really competitive fencers who train the rest of us. I chose sabre as my fencing discipline, a fast and somewhat simpler weapon compared to foil and épée. I’m in no shape to start official matches, but practice is great, and I’m meeting many great new people through Yellow Jackets Fencing

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