Alex Rogo's The Goal

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The main characters in The goal are Alex Rogo, the plant manager, Bill Peach, the division VP of manufacturing, Julie Rogo, Alex’s wife, Bob Donovan, plan production manager, Lou, the chief accountant, and Fran, Alex’s secretary. Some other characters are Stacey, the plant inventory manager, Ralph Nakamura, the data processing manager, and Herbie, the bottleneck and the solution. The most important character next to Alex is Jonah, Alex’s advisor throughout the book. Jonah is introduced in the book when Alex comes across a cigar that he received from him during his college days. Years after Alex completed college, he ran into Jonah at the airport. Jonah worked on mathematical models while Alex was an engineering student. During Alex’s conversation with Jonah, he mentioned that he had to speak at an upcoming seminar and the topic is robotics. The plant Alex works at has more robots than any other plant in the division. Jonah asks questions and Alex answers, thinking a lot while he’s doing it.…show more content…
I don’t agree with this so much, human brains are much more powerful than robots and can get the work done much better if they are just taught right. Jonah did not agree with this either, he asked Alex how much productivity has improved ever since this new idea of robotics and Alex explains that there is a 36% improvement in one area. Jonah points out that there is only a certain percent improvement in one area, and not the overall plant and the plant is definitely not making 36% more money just because of this “improvement’. Jonah explains the true meaning of productivity to Alex, basically explaining that productivity is very much connected to your goal. At this point, Alex couldn’t even determine what the goal for the company was. Jonah leaves him with that thought and Alex is left

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