Chipotle's Value Chain Analysis Paper

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Customer delivered value Customer delivered value is the difference between what a product or service cost a customer and the benefits derived from the use of it. Chipotle is revolutionary in the fast food sector. The company greatly emphasizes on customer satisfaction and go an extra mile to make sure that all their product is of good quality. As a matter of fact they lose money by trying to keep up the superior standard of their product. This is because they offer their customers a high quality meal at a reasonable place and beautiful restaurant. So I believe the customer delivered value at Chipotle Mexican Grill is higher than in other similar restaurants even if the products are a little more expensive. Cost of controlling quality Vs. the Cost of failing to control quality Quality control is necessary for every business. The cost of quality…show more content…
As part of the Food with Integrity philosophy of Chipotle, they believe that it is not enough to only purchase fresh ingredients and prepare them with hand. The company spends time on farms and fields to see where the food comes from and how it is produced. They emphasize on only using meats that were responsibly raised and do not have non therapeutic antibiotics and added hormones. They actually stopped business with one of their supplies of pork during an audit in January 2015 as the supplier was not meeting their standards. Without this supply their business will suffer a little as they cannot serve carnitas and also they might have a shortage of meat for the restaurants. Chipotle also claims to do business with suppliers that are environmentally friendly and are respectful towards their employees. A lot of their products are organically grown. The sour cream and cheese that Chipotle uses is made up of milk that comes from cows that are not given rBGH. Also the milk used are from supplies who are in accordance with Animal

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