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Today’s society has been brainwashed. Neil Postman, the author of “Television as Teachers” agrees. Postman argues that television teaches children that school, and learning in general, should be entertaining. He also adds that television isn’t teaching kids to love learning, but encouraging them to love television. This cultural brainwashing has forced schools to incorporate “fun” into their curriculum, thus diluting and devaluing the true purpose of education, the acquisition of knowledge. Ever since its’ inception, Sesame Street has been popular not only with children, but with parents as well. Children love it because of Elmo and company. Parents love it because it’s like having a personal babysitter with a college degree in childhood education. However, Postman believes that Sesame Street undermines the established values of what schooling represents. School is an environment for social interactions, curiosity and academic development, while television is a private reserve with no social interactions and low cognitive benefits.…show more content…
But most students refer to the class as “ChillTown, USA”. The classroom was filled with rows of computers and everyone took a seat and logged on the computer. The class was about an hour long, but rarely did we have to work the full hour. Most of the time the teacher would give us an assignment or task and the class would be done in less than thirty minutes. The teacher, either too lazy to prepare a full hour lesson plan, or didn’t expect us to finish that quickly, would usually tell us that for the rest of the time, we had free time to ourselves. Free time meant that we could do anything we wanted on the computer. Most of the students put on their headphones and began surfing away. For the rest of the class there was total silence except for the clicking sound the computer mouse made and the sound of the school bell announcing it was time for

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