Personal Narrative: My Figure Skating Career

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When I was 16 years old I chose to move to Chicago ill all by myself to peruse my figure skating career with my new partner. Another reason why I moved was for my new coach. My new coach is Jamie Whyte and he is 28 years old and he smells like old spice. He is one of biggest judge in the U.S. At age 18 he was British World Champion. The ice dance team that won gold at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia at the time Jamie was their coach then they decided to retire. He is tall and skinny and very athletic. I first time I met him was at a competition and he was judging my event. The next time I saw him he became my coach. The first day skating with him was exhausting because we were doing a lot of basic and power skating to see where I would get tired. We first exercise I did was…show more content…
It was like jogging but you were on your toes. The next circle of running we added arms and it made it even harder to run. Then we started do left right stroking down the ice. The goal for this exercise is to get good pushes with the least amount of energy. Then I did really fast crossovers for 5 minutes straight and they impressed him. After some more variations of crossovers we moved to edges. We started with some nice crossover wide step it pushed me to make small half circles down into ice with good edges. The next edge exercise was inside edges. The inside edges make me push into my skates and it’s a good warm up for more difficult edges. The second edge warm up I did were outside edges. Outside edges are the hardest edge out of all of the edges because you are going outside the circle. The next edge exercise was really fast left outside then left inside edge down the ice. The goal for this exercise is to go fast and have good control over your edges and speed. All the exercises that I have done up to this was just

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