Stanley Milgram's Experiment On Punishment Affects Learning

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In the Stanley Milgram experiment they talk about how punishment affects learning and that if someone is telling you to do something you’re going to do it even though it’s wrong. They have an actor in the experimentation groups so they believe that its real and they believe that they picked to be the teacher. The learner is the actor and when the teacher leaves with the scientist he took it off and just answers the questions. The teacher is shown a generator that shocks the learner when they answer it wrong. The generator is ranging from 15-450 volts, it goes up a volt when you get one wrong. 50% of the participants continued with the experiment the others stopped in the middle of it. I think that the way they are tricking these people into…show more content…
That’s cruel to do that to someone it’s not fair. The results in this experiment was the same as when Stanley did it. 78 year old man gets hit by car and no one helps The man is walking across the road, suddenly a car tried to pass someone really quick they hit him but didn’t stop to see if he is ok. The bystanders didn’t even check to see if he’s a live just staring at him. They don’t help him up or talk to him just surrounding him. The cars just went around him. I think that someone should’ve helped him and stopped and called the ambulance. The pedestrians should’ve at least asked if he’s alright or helped him up. The Bystander Effect The bystander effect is where some actors play sick or steals something and to see what someone will do about it. These people see things and don’t act for it. An actor pickpockets another actor a guy sees it but saw that no one is doing anything about it so he doesn’t either. The influence of others have a huge effect on what’s happening around them. If they see a problem they don’t act on it because they see others ignoring it. An actor dresses up as a drunk and no one bats an eye toward him. They redress him in a suit and in 6 seconds someone stops to see if he’s alright. Everyone wants to

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