Barth And Schleiermacher Analysis

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In the world of theologians Karl Barth and Friedrich Schleiermacher are some of the most well known leaders of Theological studies. Friedrich Schleiermacher said that one of the constructive disciplines of theology is practical theology, (Gräb, W. (2012) and continued on saying that practical theology is not just instructing the church, nor is it in the action-oriented theory of the church professions but is the whole field of empirically given and observed practice of lived Christianity. While the liberal tradition might have started with Friedrich Schleiermacher, both of them reacted against the Protestant theology. Karl Barth making a stand against natural theology and Friedrich Schleiermacher reacted to the idea of rationalism of Enlightenment.…show more content…
His “Christo-centric methodology states that salvation of humanity to an abstract and to an absolute is to make some part of God more final and definitive than God's saving act in Jesus Christ” ( John Hick cited Karl Barth “as representing Christianity as a uniqueness and finality which makes it superior to all other religions” (MASON, D. R. (2015). As it goes on to say that “Barth holds; the word of man obstructs the Word of God”, meaning that humanity gets in the way of God’s grace. John 14:6 Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Karl Barth view on theology is self-examination of the Christian church, as to the way it talks about God. In comparison of how Friedrich Schleiermacher held the belief that religion was about feelings (or revelation), and with Karl Barth it was more about God, and what God does for the relationship between Himself and…show more content…
Karl Barth made his theology know by taking on the natural theology for the stance it took on becoming political and then declaring it’s superiority over the churches scripture based theology. As Karl Barth said, “ the Christ whom we have encountered in Jesus is the standard by which all discovery of God and all being discovered by Him is made known as such” (MASON, D. (2015). Laying his interpretation that only in Christ can we come the father. Needing the son to see the father. Friedrich Schleiermacher states “formal-functional term of religion doesn’t endanger but, rather requires the particular reference of theology to a positive form and the appearance of religion, such as Christianity” (Gräb, W. (2012). Here he shows how the word religion needs to be placed in the positive light in theology studies as to living out the Christianity way of living; by living out your life in the way you talk about

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