Dimmesdale And Chillingworth: Chapter Analysis

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In this chapter both Dimmesdale and Chillingworth change in their thoughts and behaviors. Chillingworth drastically changed, his nice aurora completely disappeared. He interrogates Dimmesdale, prying at small details. Chillingworth seeks the man’s deepest, darkest secrets. He does not believe Dimmesdale is as “all spiritual as he seems” (89). Chillingworth thinks that he can dig his way into the Reverends life. Chillingworth’s thoughts have gone to a dark place yet his behavior is “ kind, watchful, sympathizing” (89). Chillingworth’s motives enhance to a familiar pattern of studying medicines as Dimmesdale studies Chillingworth. In the chapter , Dimmesdale’s thoughts also change. He accepts that Chillingworth is no longer who he seems to portray
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