Understanding Thabani Biological Perspective

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The study of human behaviour is the key tool in understanding Thabani’s experiences and behaviour. The study of human behavior through psychology allows individuals to analyze the behavior of humans through various perspectives. Through understanding Thabani’s experiences one can draw on various different psychological perspectives in order to understand the reasons for his behavior, emotions and feelings. The following two perspectives will be used to explain Thabani’s behavior, including: James Olds’ and Rodger Sperry’s biological perspective and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic perspective. What follows is a brief discussion and analysis of Thabani’s experiences and the underlying psychological perspectives that may indicate the reason for his behaviours as well as the implications of understanding human behaviour from different perspectives. Thabani is experiencing feelings of persistent sadness and anxiety and continuous bouts of fatigue indicating signs of depression. He often feels worthless and experiences severe panic attacks. His symptoms can be dated back to a similar experience that his father had been through. The biological perspective may be used to explain the reason for…show more content…
The biological approach is backed up by scientific evidence and is measurable and objective, allowing the individual to test for reliability (Larsen & Buss, 2010). Furthermore, this approach allows individuals to better understand and explain some aspects of behaviour in order to treat abnormal behavioral problems using medication (Larsen & Buss, 2010). Weaknesses within the biological perspective include the idea that personality is not fixed due to biological processes, chemicals and genetics and may be due to environmental observation and experience (Burger, 2009). Thus a weakness is found in the idea that behaviour and personality can be explained by both genetics and the environment (Burger,

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