Narrative Essay About Winter Break

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My hands viciously clawed at white frost in an attempt to find balance, pushing myself up only for my arms to sink in deeper to the snow. I knew that this wasn’t my fault, but in that immediate moment, all I could do was blame myself as saliva and blood mixed in my mouth, spilling past my lips and tainted the pure white snow. This wasn’t fair to me, to the person that hit me, to anybody who was around. It was late December, 2012. Bronx Dance Academy was currently on their winter break, just after Christmas. Families were beginning to prepare for the new year. Resolutions were being made, laughs were being shared, and joy was supposed to be spread all throughout New York City. The students of the Academy were happy to be on break, but there was one class that had no rest. Class 825. The top eighth grade class, leading the Academy into success in both the Science and Math departments. We were given the opportunity to take the Living Environment and the Algebra regents, only if we were really serious about it though. During the winter break, Class 825 of Bronx Dance Academy trudged their way through the snow to make sure they were all ready to make our instructors proud. We had to be in school for about two to three hours, grins spread across our faces as we were gifted with…show more content…
I stood up quickly, swiping my bag up, and dashing out of the room before anybody can tell me to stop. I didn’t want to see anybody, only Vinny and Joel. I dashed down the block towards the bus stop that I knew they would be waiting for, a smile spreading across my face as I saw the familiar ginger hair on top of Joel’s head, and the blue messenger backpack draped over Vinny’s shoulder messily. “Hey!” I called out, their heads turning with smiles that matched mine. I ran past a group of students that were still lingering around, and purposely banged myself against my best

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