Pros And Cons Of Abolishing The Electoral College

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A nation of fifty percent non-voters is a serious problem. Every decision being made by popular vote might not be the actual will of the people, only the will of the people available on voting day. But when there is system setup for a nation of non-voters that could, according to CGP Grey, have an election be won with only 22% of the population, there is a national crisis (The Trouble with the Electoral College). The Electoral college needs to be abolished, there is a system of false democracy in play where those in certain parts of the country some people are born into a larger say, the supporters of it have commented on its inefficiency and how it supposedly helps the nation and there is no assurance that the electoral voters will follow…show more content…
The Electoral College was set up to simplify and quicken the presidential election but from the time that it was needed to now, a lot has changed. Now a days, information travels at the speed of light, and the president runs with a vice president. Information traveling slowly is one of the major reasons why the Electoral College was formed. Even then the Founders knew that voters could be misinformed and need some guidance with the final vote, which isn’t a bad idea, and even in modern time when information is a click away, people can be incredibly misinformed. Even though people can vote for someone that has a bad reputation unbeknownst to them, they still deserve their own vote. The Electoral College is giving out votes with training wheels for the most important and decisive elections in the nation. Not only that but it is giving out mismatched sized wheels to larger states, giving them less say per capita than a smaller state. In a fair and true democracy, those that govern are elected by the people with equal say, in the case of voting for the most powerful leader in the free world, people have a suggestion

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