Environmental Barriers In The Darius Goes West Trip

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Darius experiences many environmental barriers in his recreation and entertainment life including his ability to travel. Darius had never been to another state, to the beach or, seen particular scenery such as mountains before this movie. The Darius Goes West Trip helped mainstream to others that not all buildings, methods of transportations, recreational sites and so on are all accessible but yet there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. They used the example of a movie theater in the video. If in the movie theater you have to walk down stairs then that would be a barrier to people like Darius because there are no ramps. This means he couldn’t watch his very own movie. Another barrier he probably faces is financial ability. His health condition…show more content…
His Mom is the best advocate for someone with MS because she accepts Darius for who he is and couldn’t be happier to provide care to both of her sons. In addition, Darius has an abundance of community support. They are the ones who made his trip happen. Darius also received outside funding which was awesome because that shows he has not only positively impacted his community but outside supporters, like Lauren Arnes who helped set up the trip. By having community support, he was able to capture the media’s attention and brings an awareness to others of the day to day situational challenges he faces because of the inaccessibility. Another strength Darius holds is that he is a great rapper. The rap music that was displayed in the video was very inspirational and can easily leave an impact on someone to make inclusive changes in the community A second strength would be that Darius is always thankful for what he has. He was thankful for everyone who helped accomplish his dreams, thankful for the person he is despite his condition, and not to forget he is thankful for his family he is deeply loved by. Another strength would be that Darius is hopeful. He never doubted his dreams and never got discouraged. For instance, right at the beginning of his road trip he was not able to use the restroom in the gas station because it

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