The Pros And Cons Of A Traditional African-American Family

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In the critically acclaimed poem A Raisin in the Sun, we follow the highs & lows of an African American family in downtown Chicago. As each member of this sizable family is chasing their own version of the “American Dream”, a fair question remains: Can they be considered as a traditional American family? As the prompt outlines, our discussion will cover whether or not the Youngers can be considered as a typical family in the United States. First off, what is the traditional American family? According to The Washington Post, there is no traditional American family in the present. Back in the mid-20th century however, the traditional American family was comprised of a breadwinner father, the source of income of the family, a stay at home mother that served as a caregiver, & usually around two children. As of now though, it is agreed that the traditional American family does not exist as typical in this time. “There hasn’t been the collapse of one dominant family structure and the rise of another. It’s really a fanning out into all kinds of family structures,” said Philip Cohen, a University of Maryland sociologist. “Different is the new normal.” According to a report for the Council on Contemporary Families, 65% of all children under the age of 15 were being raised in a traditional American family in…show more content…
In the same report, 34% of 21st century children are being raised by a dual-income family, where both caregivers go to work & provide funds. Even though the highest percentage, 34% is far from being considered majority for anything. In perspective, the old traditional family is certainly not traditional anymore, for a higher percent of children are being raised by a single mother than in the “traditional” way, at 23%; & as the number of gay & lesbian families begin to strongly rise, the search for a regular way that American children are being raised couldn't be more clear, for the obvious answer is there isn't

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