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The Prestige was a strongly made drama film of 2006. IT received excellent positive reviews and was nominated for numerous awards, including two Academy Awards. The film was 6 years in the making and in the fall of 2006, the film along with Scoop (2006) and the Illusionist (2006), explored the world of stage magic in film. Film: The Prestige Year: 2006 Production Details The 2006 film, the Prestige was based on a book written by Christopher Priest of the same name in 1995. In October 2000 whilst Chrisopher Nolan (Director/Screenwriter/Producer) was in London publicizing his new movie at the time, Memento (2000) he was brought to the attention of the book. The next year, 2001 the movie became available for production after Aaron Ryder…show more content…
However, the studio superpowers could be perceived as underplayed in the scheme of things. There was little effort made to publicise this movie, keeping advertising rather quiet. The fact the film was produced so quickly is a factor in its small film promotion. Rather than: viral videos and synergetic marketing, they decided to let the stars and the plot create its own following. The first poster release yielded good public review, applauding the “shadowy theme” and Scarlett Johansson as a candle in the middle. It was later recognized for addressing the plot of the movie excellently. The trailer was only released shortly before the release of the movie, due to the haste the film was produced in. The distribution stage was divided between Buena Vista Pictures for USA and Warner Bros. Pictures for International distribution; effectively, every continent aside from Africa receiving the film in cinemas. Home viewing media was also released: The Region 1 disc is by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and was released on February 20, 2007, The Warner Bros. Region 2 DVD was released on March 12, 2007. Exhibition: Touchstone moved the initial release up from October 27 2006 to October 20. The film earned $ $14,801,808 on opening weekend in the United States, debuting at number one. It grossed $109,676,311 worldwide, including $53,089,891 from the United States, being shown at 2,281 theaters, at widest release of 2,305 theatres throughout the 112-day release. The DVD release of the film was somewhat successful with a total domestic gross of $46,258,588.The film was effectively shown at every cinema large and small due to its “blockbuster”

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