The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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"Values and needs of contemporary society can influence the focus of scientific research" Do you think saving 17 million people is a good idea. Well gene therapy could potentially be the answer. In gene therapy the defective gene is replaced with a new healthy gene. The idea of gene therapy sounds so simple to most people all you need to do is just replace the gene and all is good, but the therapy is just in experimental stages for most genetic diseases. The pros of gene therapy is obviously that it could save million but could also be really quite dangerous if it is not professionally done. What is gene therapy? Gene therapy in googles terms is "the introduction of normal genes into cells in place of missing or defective ones in order to correct genetic disorders.1" What this is…show more content…
If you are able to cure a disease that has no other cure I think that it is the best thing for it. Gene therapy will be able to cure thousands upon thousands of people with the incurable disease. This will be able to help hereditary diseases that are not able to be helped in any other way. But this new break in science called also be used and abused in a bad way. The National Institutes of health likes to keep a close eye on what's going on but can't be on top of everything happening. I think the need for gene therapy is going to become more and more needed as the future arises. More people will be developing more rare genetic diseases so the need for gene therapy needs to have more time and money invested in it so that the people with these rare genetic diseases are able to be treated instead of trying things that might cost lots and not even work so we need to work on gene therapy so that we can assure what it will work on and what it won't so we are able to help these people instead of them either going to unprofessional practises or worse

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