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The Possibility Of Evil You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In this short story, “The Possibility Of Evil” by Shirley Jackson, we find that not everything is how it seems. Ms. Strangeworth is an elderly lady who writes hate filled letters to fellow citizens of her small town and they eventually find out that it was her. Clearly, the theme that appearances can be deceiving. This expressed through Ms. Strangeworth’s innocent look, but mean, cruel, and rude behaviors throughout the story. First, Ms. Strangeworth, although it does not seem or look this way, is a very rude person. These rude behaviors are expressed through her actions. “Martha” she said, “You don’t look well” (pg55). Once again, this may look like an innocent old woman concerned about her fellow citizen. What really is going on is Ms. Strangeworth is trying to embarrass Martha, Martha is visibly not doing well. “Martha definitely did not look well” (pg55). This means everyone can see that she is not doing well. Ms. Strangeworth blatantly saying it in a public store for everyone to hear is embarrassing for Martha and rude of Ms. Strangeworth. If Ms. Strangeworth was really concerned, she would simply pull her aside and actually talk to her and ask how she could help. This is just one of the situations…show more content…
Strangeworth is a flat-out mean individual. Ms. Strangeworth may not look like it because everyone assumes she is a sweet old lady. Ms. Strangeworth sent an anonymous letter, “Haven’t you seen an idiot child before? Some people just shouldn’t have children, should they?” (pg58) This letter was sent to Miss Chandler because Ms. Strangeworth thought Miss Chandler’s baby was developing slower than the other babies. Ms. Strangeworth sending a letter calling Miss Chandler’s baby an idiot baby and that it should not have been born is immensely mean. It is not Ms. Strangeworth’s business who decides to make new life. This is just one of the situations that makes Ms. Strangeworth a mean

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